Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Photos 2012

For my very few readers... Sorry for the absence in blogging!!!  Life with three children is extremely busy!  Good, but busy.  It has been a year since last posting, and boy has it been a fun, busy year.  My oldest started & finished kindergarten.  We had a little baby boy 11 months ago.  (We didn't know if we would be getting a little boy or girl, and it was a fun surprise at delivery)! The hubby & I went to Hawaii for the first time last December-that was awesome.  Both hubby & I have worked like crazy so we could get out landscaping in- which is sooooo nice to have done.  (Jeff did it all by himself.) And then we finally had pictures taken last month. Here are some of the pics that turned out.  (a big THANKS to Liz for coming & taking them for us!!!)

M: 3 1/2 years, C: 6 1/2 years, T: 9 1/2 months

I think they turned out pretty cute considering it was with our cannon camera, in grandpas backyard & my good friend taking them. 

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