Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Photos 2012

For my very few readers... Sorry for the absence in blogging!!!  Life with three children is extremely busy!  Good, but busy.  It has been a year since last posting, and boy has it been a fun, busy year.  My oldest started & finished kindergarten.  We had a little baby boy 11 months ago.  (We didn't know if we would be getting a little boy or girl, and it was a fun surprise at delivery)! The hubby & I went to Hawaii for the first time last December-that was awesome.  Both hubby & I have worked like crazy so we could get out landscaping in- which is sooooo nice to have done.  (Jeff did it all by himself.) And then we finally had pictures taken last month. Here are some of the pics that turned out.  (a big THANKS to Liz for coming & taking them for us!!!)

M: 3 1/2 years, C: 6 1/2 years, T: 9 1/2 months

I think they turned out pretty cute considering it was with our cannon camera, in grandpas backyard & my good friend taking them. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Long time...I know.

Life seems to be soaring by. I can hardly believe we are already into August. C starts kindergarten in 2 1/2 weeks. That is just crazy to me. We are still loving our new house. Jeff has been working hard in the yard all summer to try to get it ready for grass, but alas, it looks like that will have to wait until the spring. At least the sprinkling system is in! M is getting big & so is her attitude. She has become a very determined little girl & tries to be independant in everything she does before she will ask for help.

For those who don't know, because I haven't posted or shouted from the rooftops about it (though I have mentioned it on facebook), we are expecting child #3 next month. Ya, I know, it took me 7 months to post that on my blog. Just been too busy. We are choosing to not find out the gender this time around. I have about 6 wks left. Both kids seem to be very excited about it. That's pretty much it for updates. I'll try to get pictures on my computer so I can post those.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slacker, Slacker, Slacker!!!

I know, I know, I know. It has been entirely too long since last posting! It has been an incredibly busy 6 months! To do a speedy catch up... we bought a new house, moved in, worked, worked, worked, went to Disneyland in October and have continued to work our little tushes off. That's pretty much the gist of it. I also have taken forever to post because we, yet again, have had computer problems. our computers memory stick port won't read our cameras memory stick. Also, the usb ports are finicky & don't always recognize our camera either. So it has been difficult getting pics onto this computer in order to put them on the blog. I still (believe or not, but it's true) don't have any house pics on my computer. However, here are a few of the pics from Disneyland. And by a few I mean a very few. We took over 800 pics!!!!
Dad & M with Sully. She wasn't so sure about him.
C's most favorite ride was Tower of Terror! He still talks about it NON-STOP!

My two little cuties!
C & I went on Splash Mountain right when it was getting dark & he got SOAKED from head to toe. Seriously, there wasn't a dry spot on him. He says "I hate Splash Mountain" even to this day.
It was really fun to be there for Halloween. I loved the pumpkins all over, especially at the front entrance.
Me & my little princess!
My whole family went (with the exception of my older brother). It was so much fun to have the crew together at the happiest place on earth!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New House


I have been slacking- A LOT! I have been busy with a little something called building a house. We found a builder, lot & house plan that we fell in love with back in March. Despite only seeing the floor plan on paper, we decided that we wanted to build & buy. The process has been extremely fast! They broke ground on March 17th & completed the finishing touches today, June 8th. Tomorrow is our final walk through! YIKES & YEAH! We LOVE the house!!! Everyone has always told me that building was hugely stressful. I have not found the building process to be stressful. Picking out all our options & upgrades was fun, a little intense, but I wouldn't classify it as stressful. Our builder, Cadence Homes, has been awesome. They allowed us to install a radiant heat floor in the basement that is going to be awesome! Anyway... After 3 months, we are going to be getting our house next week!!! I think moving is going to be more stressful than the actual build, and half our belongings are already packed up! It's going to be Christmas in July when we start opening boxes!!!!! I don't have the camera with most recent pics, but here are a few pics from a few weeks ago.

Kitchen. The posts around the island were just temporary until the supports were on & glue dried. They are now off.
Front entry

Pretty sweet eh?! Needless to say, we are sooooo excited. I'll try to get more recent pics of all the rooms to post.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catch up

It has been a long time since posting (yet again). Life just seems to keep speeding by. I don't have any pics to post (well, I do have pics. Just not downloaded off the camera yet). I will post some soon, I hope.

The kiddos are getting bigger & bigger everyday. C is now sleeping in his big boys instead of pull-ups at night. He has only had 2 nights in the last week that he didn't stay dry the whole night. 2 of the nights he even woke himself up in the middle of the night, went to the potty, and then back to bed. (Our room is right next to the bathroom & we could hear him slam the lid down). I shouldn't complain about the slamming of the lid though, at least he closes it! Every time! This kid LOVES to talk! He will talk your ear off! Most of the time it's about some imaginary story/situation he is living in. He has the most amazing imagination. He will tell you that too. He is so cute, he will come up to me & say "mom, I have quite the imagination!" The other thing he says that cracks me up is "Mom, I do love you." He often adds "I do" to statements. For example, instead of saying "I have to go potty" he will say "I do need to go potty". It drives his Dad nuts cuz half the time Dad doesn't quite follow that he just said "I do" preceding whatever he needs to tell you.

M is also growing by leaps & bounds every day. She is getting closer & closer to walking. She has taken 4-6 steps consistently for the last week. It's funny though because as she gets closer to you (if you have her walk between 2 people) she lunges instead of taking 2 more steps. She will get so excited & clap & cheer for herself. She also is signing words like crazy. She consistently signs milk, more, banana, duck, change (as in changing her diaper) & poop. She also does all the actions for itsy-bitsy spider & loves it. She has 6 teeth (2 on bottom & 4 up top) and a 3rd one coming in on the bottom. She's a Q-t & a pest at the same time. She gives her brother a run for his $. She loves getting him in trouble. If he takes a toy from her, hits her or whatever he might do that bothers her, she will cry & the second you reprimand him she stops crying & is perfectly happy. She's learned how to play her dad like a fiddle, she can do no harm. We are in serious trouble with this one!

My hubby is still working full time @ IM Flash Technologies, part time at Lehi Fire Department & going to online paramedic school. Busy. I am still working full time in L&D @ Timp Hospital & love it. All-in-all things are going well. I will try to post again soon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

M's 1st B-day!

So, It's been FOREVER since I posted. Life is way busier with 2 kids than with just 1. Especially now that M is crawling & cruising around. She doesn't sit still for more than 2 minutes I swear! Here are some pics of her during her B-day week.

Okay, so this pic is from about 3 wks ago, but it is a pic of her very first piggy tail!

So G&G Swenson went to Thailand for a week & a half over M's B-day, so we had a little pre B-day cupcake & present unwrapping before they left. She did not like having all that gunk on her hands.
She got several outfits & PJ's, boy does this girl LOVE clothes! She loves to play in piles of clothes!
Here is the cake! I special ordered M's B-day cake to match a pair of leggings I have for her. Isn't it way cute! Just the right size.
I got her all ready (leggings & hair done) & I placed her on my makeshift photo back drop. When Dad brought the cake into the room she started screaming! She wanted it NOW!

However, once she actually had the cake in front of her, she was a little timid about digging in.

Here she is trying to figure out how to pick it up without getting all gooey.

She started with the candle first. She did not want to give up the candle, not sure why though. It's not like it tastes any good.
It cracks me up that both of my kids are such FREAKS about getting their hands all sticky!

Still worried about the goop on her hands. :)

Here she is trying out a new way to eat the cake without getting it on her hands. It worked out okay for her.
The sugar is finally starting to set in.

Woohoo!!! Gotta love the sugar!!!

Notice the lack of REALLY digging in! Neither of my kids really ever got that it was okay on this one occasion to get really messy, that it is expected of them. :)

More cake & matching legging shots.

She started to get into a little more, after a little encouragement from mom & brother.

Daddies little girl!

Mom & M.
C & M. He is supposed to be hugging her (though it was more of a choke hold). She did not want to share her cake with him.

So there you have it. She is now 1! I can hardly believe it. She had her 12 month dr visit today & her weight is up from the 10th percentile to the 24th percentile. She weighed 19 lbs 6 oz. She is 28.5 inches tall (26th percentile) & her head is 46 cm (76th percentile.) All in all she is doing well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Sneezin' Store

So yesterday my husband took my son to get his Flu-mist. He knew he would be getting a flu shot to help "keep him healthy & strong." I was getting ready to go to work when they got home from the pediatrician office & I asked him where he had gone & how it went. He told me he had been to "the sneezin' store." I then asked him what happened at the sneezing store. He proceeded to tell me "well, I got some nose stuff that is good. But it was really stinky!" The nurse told him to sniff like he was smelling roses- didn't smell like roses apparently!